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Nicolas van Ryk works as an architectural and reportage photographer and author in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is a member of the German Society of Photography (DGPh) and member of Visum Images in Hamburg. For OLYMPUS Camera Company he is one of 30 worldwide Top-Photographers. He has spezialized on photographs and reports about Spain, Italy, Israel, Portugal, South Africa and Namibia. Nicolas van Ryk is a trained photo-designer and has studied theology at the universities of Marburg and Heidelberg. He is a teacher at Hamburg Photo School and for some other popular schools in Karlsruhe. He has published his works in several international magazines and newspapers, such as La Voix de Luxembourg, Telecran, Die Welt, Publishing Group Rhein-Main, Nuernberger Nachrichten, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, Tagesanzeiger in Zurich, Aertzliches Journal, Standard at Vienna.

1992-1998 Studies for Protestantic Theology at the Universities of Marburg and Heidelberg, Germany. Finished with a work about papalism in the late middle age.
1998 Photo-Projects in California, USA and Sasketchewan, Canada
since 1999 freelanced Photopgrapher and Journalist for serveral Newspapers and Magazines
since 2009 books and calendars published for National Geographic Society and others
Different Photo Exhibitions in Dusseldorf (Handelskammer), Berlin (Peugeot Avenue Unter den Linden) and Frankfurt (Leica Gallery)

Design und Programmierung: Manfred Renner