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Images Are Created In Your Head

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Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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Images are created in your head

In South Africa, there is a big blue sky and everything seems so far away, infinitely large, and beyond the horizon it goes on for ever. As a child, I wanted to know what came after these mountains, after that plateau. I wanted to explore the world and in the meantime I have been able to see a large part of it. I have taken pictures for National Geographic in South Africa and my reports and contributions have been published in various other national and international newspapers and magazines. I am a member of the photographers’ agency Visum and an appointed member of the prestigious German Photographic Association (DGPh). So far, my work has taken me to 50 countries and 218 world heritage sites on all five continents. As a lecturer I give photo courses at the Hamburg School of Photography, various adult education centres and the Environment Photo Festival in Zingst. I have published numerous wall calendars and books. For the Berlin tour operator Windrose-Finest-Travel, I offer Olympus photo tours in various countries. In Berlin, Düsseldorf, London, and other places there have been exhibitions of photo projects such as "Iberian People", "Saskatchewan", "Black, White & Coloured" and "London Eyes". Among other places, my pictures have been on show in the Frankfurt Leica Gallery and the Peugeot Unter den Linden Gallery in Berlin.
There is no area that is not worth reporting on and depicting. Only now the images must be of the story and the story must be of the images. The posed must act uncontrived and everything has to be authentic. As a photographer you need to be in the centre of things, but still be in the background. For this, the approach is vital. Empathy is needed and instinct is required. Trust has to be earned. This is essential for good reportage pictures. The matter of photo equipment is also important. Better small and fine, than big and showy. And flash sometimes makes everything bleached and devoid of content. The streets are paved with gold, but also images. But images originate in the mind and not by chance. Sometimes you have to compose reportage images, but often just wait patiently for the right moment. A pair of lovers kissing so and so, suddenly a dog is waiting in front of the butcher’s shop and occasionally pet owners are similar to their four-legged friends. But only in moments. Freezing those moments is the art of photography. Perception, a flair for all-too-human aspects and technical speed must be combined with one another to capture moments of life. Reportage photography is always Street and Travel Photography too. I have worked according to these principles in many countries. Particularly often in Portugal, Israel and South Africa, my second home. Next to capturing people, I have a particular fondness for cats, flowers and garden art. Here I can indulge in my special fondness for macro photography and showcase all of it on my websites www.nicolas-van-ryk.de and www.luchslicht.de.
I therefore work with a range of equipment that includes various 7-300 mm (14-600 mm small picture format) Zuiko lenses and E5, E-M1 and PEN-F bodies. Since I have my roots in classic reportage photography, authenticity, atmosphere and sympathy are the catchwords for my work. The E5 is ideal for this, because I can use the fast, high definition Top Pro lenses with it from the large wide angle to the telephoto lens. The same applies for the professional lenses for the Micro-Four-Thirds cameras, the PEN and OMD ranges. These fast, fixed focal length 12, 45 and 75 mm lenses or the pancakes are ideal tools for street and reportage photography. With the compact system cameras in particular, images can once again be created like in the heyday of reportage photography. Sudden, and often unnoticed. Quite simply because the photographer can always carry a camera without being recognized as such. Digital photography has thus not abolished the old rules of "light images" but redefined them. Olympus has supported these developments from the outset and has always set the standard. Great pictures are formed in your head with lots of patience, perseverance, determination and technology as offered by Olympus.

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